Grumpy Man in Bali (Part 2)

So, time more another rambling diatribe from the Man that is Grumpy. So far I have taken a swipe at boorish Americans, uncultured travellers and the French (if you haven’t noticed they are a constant theme, then you really aren’t paying attention… please do try to keep up will you!)


So who or what is in my crosshairs today? Is it Aussie holiday makers to Bali who don’t seem to know what Carpaccio is? (Yes it’s supposed to be raw you gimp.. what’s next, hot Gazpacho? Starting to see why they were all deported in the first place)….or is it Asian holiday makers that have to photograph everything and have to be photographed doing everything in the most painfully staged way possibly.  A word of of advice, the only people who looked cool making any ‘V’ sign in public were Winston Churchill and British longbow-men. For the slow of thinking and ‘them what thought school was crap’…. its called history and  worth some study. You might even find out why the French are so annoying. 


This time I am taking aim at those travellers I have seen around the World but most recently in Bali that, for some reason, are consistently indifferent, rude or even downright unpleasant to the staff that are serving them in hotel. This is not  limited to one particular nationality in anyway, but a few countries do float to the top like fatty scum on water. In one resturant, the waiting staff told me that they consistently had problems with Indian and Australian customers, often with the angle of wanting discounts on the meal. In the hotel the housekeeping and service staff identified Americans as being rude and incapable of sometimes even acknowledging the existence of the staff.


I have seen that latter for myself in a queue for food and drinks.  When selecting what I wanted I put the word ‘please’ and the beginning of the request  and the word ‘thank you’ when I received the item.  The half dozen or so Americans behind me used a technique that seemed to involve pointing and either ‘grunting’ or saying ‘that one’.  This social experiment became more interesting when one of them wanted to reach past me ….. all of the a sudden manners returned and I was asked ‘would you excuse me please’ and once I moved and he had retrieved his tray …’thank you’ was uttered with a smile. As we left the establishment one American ahead of me held the door for me, for which I thanked him and I was thanked in return by the American behind me when I reciprocated. The parting shot was when i overheard the group of ‘gentlemen’ discussing how slow and stupid the counter staff were with some laughter.  


So why this selective use of manners? Was it something to do with the fact i was a white Caucasian male from the UK and that the counter staff were all men from the Asian sub-continent? Who will truly know……. you decide?


Did that piss me off … damn right it did and it should to any one with more than 2 brain cells. One rule applies here – you treat EVERYONE with dignity and respect no matter who or what they are. Just because they are there to ‘serve’ you does not mean they are beneath you or sub human.  Such behaviour only identifies who is actually the lesser ‘Man’. 


Also, word to the wise, its really not sensible to piss of those that have access to your food and drink…. you may regret it and you will only have yourself to blame! When I was back in that establishment the next day, I made a point of talking to the manager to say how well his staff took such shitty behaviour and he just smiled and said …. ‘don’t worry sir, we see the likes of them a lot and we have own own way of getting our own back .. that’s why we smile at them’. 


Moral of the story here is when it comes to dealing with anyone, you reap what you sow.  No one will go out of their way for someone who is an arse. No one will strive that little bit harder to make your life easier or better if you are an obnoxious git to them. Remember that the next time you see the guy serving your food smiling at you ……


Grumpy Man 

Realist and Life Weary Soul of the UK

Purveyor of Dubious Wisdom

Optimistic Pessimist

A Reveller in Grumpiness 


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